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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This rolling agreement is made between the parent/guardian of each student and Read Theatre School (RTS), and is valid at all times whilst the student is enroled at the school and until such time as written notice (see section 3) is given. By enroling your child at RTS, you accept the following terms and conditions of enrolment.

1. Termly Fees are due two weeks before the start of term, and must be paid in full for each term in advance. If fees are not paid in advance, the student may be denied tuition at RTS. A term may be between 10 – 12 weeks in length depending on the location and availability of the venue.

Where a term varies in length the cost of a term’s fees will remain the same.
Where a customer has been granted a weekly payment agreement, a full term’s fees will remain payable even when a term varies in length.

Where a discount is given this will only stand where payment is received, in full, two weeks before the start of term.

Late Fee Payment Charge: Where an invoice has been issued and payment is not received two weeks before term starts, an administrative charge of £15 may be added to your account. This is because chasing late payments takes up a considerable amount of time. To ensure people who pay promptly do not unfairly have to pay for this – we have introduced the late payment charge so that only late payers have to pay for the time it takes to chase their payment. We feel it is the fairest solution. Please pay promptly.

Where failure to make payment on your account occurs, after reasonable reminders and requests for payment, our policy is to pass the debt to another agency to collect the debt on our behalf and you will incur further collection costs.

2. RTS aims to provide the services advertised on all Saturdays falling within the advertised term dates. We retain the right to change the advertised programme of classes in the event of illness or other circumstances beyond our control.

3. Notice, in writing, of half a term (or 6 weeks) must be given if leaving the school in order to terminate this agreement. Even if the student is unable to attend RTS until the completion of either notice periods, the fees remain due. Failure to provide written notice will mean that your fees for that term will remain due, despite a pupils absence.

4. No refunds can be given for days when the student does not attend or for classes or dates that are cancelled due to events or circumstances beyond our control.

5. Uniform must be worn by all students whenever they attend RTS.

6. The parent/guardian gives permission for RTS to use images of the student in publicity materials. Should the parent/guardian wish the student to be excluded from publicity materials, this must be put in writing to RTS.